Career Development is the lifelong process of managing learning, work, leisure, and transitions in order to move toward a personally determined and evolving preferred future.

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Bridging the Gaps... ATC always thrives to strengthen our clients’ resources by delivering consulting, training & intelligent solutions to help them to perform efficiently with an edge over the competitors

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Welcome to Alawi institute official website

Welcome to Alawi institute official website

Al Alawi Institute is offering innovative corporate training programs in ICT, Soft Skills for Management, HSE and a number of vocational areas in both English & Arabic medium. Established in 2007, we have built our reputation on quality training with emphasis on our clients. All training programs delivered will be within the existing framework of Ministry of Manpower qualifications. Al Alawi Institute helps business organizations within Sultanate of Oman to up-skill their staff in IT and Basic Skills. Improving languages, literacy and IT skills are recognized as key elements in moving unemployed people into work. Our distinguished multi-cultural tutors and administrators are able to converse in many languages to help the learner overcome learning barriers.

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Yusr Al Alawi - CEO

In Al Alawi Institute, the experience is unique when it comes to human resources development and the reason is that we focus on refining professionalism and delivering skills as a springboard towards excellence. These skills enable the individuals to participate in the modern labor market and also to positively interact with diverse real time situations.

The mission of Al Alawi Institute is based on building partnerships with various institutions in community development and support development programs. Al Alawi Institute focuses on the rehabilitation and training of human resource for the welfare of Sultanate of Oman. We always prioritize to treat the workforce of our growing economy in a remarkable and unique way.

In a nutshell, our distinctive training programs always thrive to provide with flourishing experiences to our clients in the field of training and development.